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Details of performances Greg gave when he was a member of the W.I.A.V. Saturday Academy can be found on the ‘Saturday Academy’ page. In 2012 Greg attended an International Opera course and a review of the piano concert, the first of two concerts that where given at the end of the course, can be found on the ‘International Course’ page.  Contact details, including a Message for Greg box,  which he really enjoys receiving, can be found on the Contacts page.

The ‘Low Downs’ page will provide visitors to this site with a range of information regarding projects that are presently keeping Greg very busy indeed. As well as some biographical details the ‘Low Downs’ page has information on the tutoring that Greg is presently doing, film work that he has done, the raft of qualifications that he is currently undertaking, choirs that he has sung with, plus an invitation to appear in a rarely performed opera in Mayfair as part of the London Handel Festival.

Whether you have been following Greg since he first came to the attention of the general public or have just ‘discovered’ him a good place to start will be the ‘Been there….’ page, and its sub pages, where you will find some introductory facts and information on the range of performance activities that have been keeping him busy since 2009; including charity engagements, overseas appearances, television work and a tour he undertook in 2011 entitled ‘Night of Classics’.

Go to the ‘High Notes’ page on this site and you will find there a link to a recording of Greg singing the iconic aria ‘la Habanera’ from the opera ‘Carmen’, but very much with his own unique twist.  Also on the ‘High Notes’  page Greg reveals what some of his all time favourite pieces of classical music are.

Potential attendees had to provide contact details of a teacher/vocal coach who could vouch their suitability for the course and confirm that they met the eligibility criteria. Greg was able to provide the name of his present coach, Linda Hutchison, to the Studio whom he was introduced to as part of his involvement with the London Handel Festival. Read more, including a report on the end of course concert, on the National Opera Studio page.

Autumn News 2014
At the end of September Greg commenced a music degree at the University of York. A member of the elite Russell Group of universities the University of York is one of the success stories in UK higher education. Founded in 1963 the university has powered its way to a consistently high ranking in the UK, and has been just one of just six post-war universities which appeared in the Times Higher Education ranking of the ‘World Top 100’ universities.

York itself is a beautiful and ancient city steeped in history. It is the home of the National Centre for Early Music, an educational charity, which aims to be the national advocate of early music in England providing early music experiences of the highest standard.

Summer News 2014
This August Greg  attended a Summer School Course at the National Opera Studio in London.  

The National Opera studio was established by the Arts Council  in 1979 and since 2003 has had premises in Chapel Yard, Wandsworth. The Studio acts as a link between music colleges and the six main opera companies in the U.K.  As well as the year long full time course it also offers a range of short summer courses for students. Greg learnt one aria in advance of the summer school and received one-to-one vocal and musical coaching on this aria from the course staff; working with a stage director on the presentation of the aria.  An ensemble/chorus scene was also learnt before the course commenced which was ‘worked on’ musically and then staged.

A warm welcome to all fans’ of Greg Pritchard…….

A gap year has, of course, become a popular choice with many students who undertake a variety of twelve month projects in between finishing their sixth form studies and commencing university; Greg’s more meandering path to university has meant that it has been somewhat longer for him than a year since he was last a full time student.  However, he has returned to full time student status like the proverbial ‘duck to water’, fitting perhaps as York University is also famous for it’s ducks, the campus boosts the largest man made plastic lined lake in Europe.

No longer having to combine personal studies with work, which for the last few years has primarily been teaching singing and piano to students in Wales, has meant that Greg has been able to enjoy both his main course and a range of extra curricular studies and activities that have kept him very busy indeed. In the first weeks at university Greg applied and auditioned for various choirs and ensembles that the Music Department at the University is home to.  He became a member of the University Choir and also successfully auditioned for the University Chamber Choir, both of which perform at least one concert each term.  This term the  University Choir performed a concert where Rossini’s Petite Messe Solenelle and Brahms  Zigeunerlieder op. 103 were sung, which received a very positive review from local press. The Chamber Choir gave a performance of Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, unusually singing the complete work in a single evening to a full house enthused audience.

Other full house performances that Greg took part in this term was the first year student’s Practical Project, which this year was a staging of the work ‘The Three Penny Opera’.  Every new intake of music students at York University undertake, in their first term, the performance of a piece of musical theatre which this year ran over three nights at the beginning of November.  Whilst it is mandatory for year one students to have some part in the production second and third year students can and do also opt to be involved. ‘The Three Penny Opera’ is the product of a collaboration between the composer Kurt Weill and the dramatist Bertolt Brecht and is based on the much earlier work ‘The Beggar’s Opera’ by John Gay.  Written and composed in the 1930’s it’s critique of the ‘evils’ of a capitalist society continues to have a resonance with and for present day audiences.  Greg did not let the fact that there is no obvious counter tenor role in the piece stop him from auditioning for a performance role and was assigned the non singing part of Officer Smith, a bribe taking police constable whose role in the work is to embody and highlight a corrupt judicial system.

Greg has continued to learn both German and Italian attending evening classes taught at the University.  He also attends a piano workshop to continue to develop his playing skills. The beginning of the term saw Greg going through to Leeds every Saturday for six weeks to attend a music theory course at the Leeds College of Music and, as other students completed their first term of studies, he assigned himself one additional day of workshops taught by the Oxford Centre for the Mind on Mind Maps/Memory and Speed Reading. Although it may all sound a little frenetic Greg has enjoyed his first term at York immensely.